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I provide piano tuning, repairs, rebuilding for all makes and models including grands and uprights. I can also provide professional valuations for prospective purchases, sales or for insurance purposes.

As a certified installer, I can provide installation and maintenance of the Dampp Chaser Piano Life Saver System. This system will regulate the relative humidity of the air near critical components of your piano.

Like many other valuable assets, the cost of owning a piano is not limited to the purchase price. Similar to a car that needs regular fuel, servicing and occasional repairs a piano needs regular tuning, regulation and the occasional repair and parts to be kept in optimum condition.

  TUNING - How Often?

Tuning is the most regular service your piano will need. At the very least, a piano should be tuned annually. Even a piano that is rarely used should be tuned once per year to maintain pitch. If not, more time, work, and expense will usually be needed to reestablish proper pitch and stability.

It is more common in our Canadian climate to require tuning twice a year since humidity and temperature variations are major reasons why a piano ‘goes out of tune’. Advanced pianists and teachers will demand more frequent tunings. A performance/concert piano needs to be tuned prior to each performance.


So why not just buy a digital piano or keyboard? It won’t go out of tune. True, but the sound is artificial even with the best sampling and sound system. The mechanics of a piano that cause the hammer to strike the strings, provide constant tactile feedback to the performer and this in turn facilitates training in dynamics.

This cannot be duplicated in a digital version. In fact, most piano teachers will insist that students have an acoustic piano for practice especially as they progress further.


The piano is a unique musical instrument with 10,000 individual parts. Precise maintenance and calibration of these parts creates a consistent touch and tone across the keyboard. This will provide accurate feedback to the player and especially important for a student. It is difficult enough to learn to play but with a properly tuned and regulated piano it becomes that much easier and pleasurable to practice and achieve performance goals.

Voicing the piano is an important part of regulation and involves fitting the hammers to the strings and fine manipulation or treatment of the hammer felt to provide a consistent and pleasing tone.


Repairs can often be performed on site and minor adjustments are sometimes included as part of a regular tuning visit. More extensive work will require the removal of the piano action to my workshop.

Examples of common repairs include broken strings, sticky or nonfunctioning keys, correction of unwanted noises such as squeaks.


I would be happy to discuss rebuilding options especially if there is a personal attachment to the piano. Although I do not provide cabinet refinishing I can make recommendations to where this can be completed.


About Raimo Pehkonen Piano

Embarking on a new career in 2013 was a challenge that has proved to be a rewarding experience. The Piano Technology program at Western University was a fantastic introduction to the wonderful world of pianos. Under the guidance of master technicians, Anne Fleming-Read and Don Stephenson I was able to establish the foundation to a career in piano servicing.


My new career began in Thunder Bay, Ontario (my first home town) where I established a loyal client base. In 2016, I accepted a request to join the team of technicians at The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. This started the process of permanent relocation to Southern Ontario.

In 2017, I accepted a contract offer from Brad Selves, Senior Piano Technical Officer at Western University to join the team of technicians at the Don Wright Faculty of Music. This allowed me to establish a base in London, Ontario that my wife Marja and I now call home. I am thankful for Brad and his expert guidance as I continue this lifetime apprenticeship.


The London area has provided a new and exciting opportunity to serve the talented and gifted musicians and families in the surrounding area. My service area continues to expand with clients in Stratford, Strathroy, St. Thomas and more. My varied client base includes professional musicians, concert halls, music teachers, yet mainly individuals and families with a desire to enjoy the sound of authentic piano. I also continue to serve clients in the GTA and Thunder Bay with regular visits.

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